Bringing the Community TOGETHER!

If you are excited about all that’s happening in Middle Tennessee (Nashville, Brentwood – Davidson and surrounding Counties), THIS conference is tailor-made with YOU in mind.

The location is where we believe Community Movers and Shakers SHOULD be coming together . . . at a Natural HUB for the community . . . A Public School.

The Principal of John Trotwood Moore Middle School is a man with VISION.

Gary Hughes and I talked for less than 5 minutes before we discovered that we both shared this notion that if we were able to bring Local Residents, REALTORS, and Business owners together for a full day conference at HIS school . . . NOTHING but GOOD stuff could result. 

It doesn’t matter who you are . . . If you have passion for being part of a FORWARD motion movement in Middle Tennessee, be a Leader and join us on November 3.

If you own a local business, we’ll give you a way to showcase your business to HUNDREDS of people AND be able to participate fully in the conference.

You’re invited!

Nashville Real Estate Consortium 2012

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Our Topic:

2013 is the year for __________

 With 2012 being an election year, we won’t yet know on November 3 what (if any) political impact we’ll face as a result of the election. There’s a wide range of speculation as to what the local, national, and international economies will do in 2013.

One thing we DO know is that, while we’d be foolhardy to ignore the National and Global happenings, we CAN continue moving forward with our LOCAL community . . . and our LOCAL, Middle Tennessee Economic Development . . . and we KNOW that Real Estate matters are at the heart of the solution.

  • Our Local Economy has shown many signs of improving – Will that continue?
  • How can Local Businesses and REALTORS work together to derive more business for everyone (Thereby lifting our local economy) – and Local Government?
  • What are your personal goals and aspirations for 2013?

What’s going to happen during this conference?

We can GUARANTEE that with your full participation, you’ll have opportunity to raise and address any and every issue and opportunity that you care about relating to the theme.

The Nashville Real Estate Consortium is a full day conference designed to bring Local REALTORS and Local Business owners together in an environment especially well suited forOpen Dialog and Relationship Building. This is nothing like other conferences. There are no “Keynote Speakers” . . . No pre-defined agenda whatsoever . . . and just enough structure for those folks who show up to design their own day such that each person finds EXACTLY what’s needed to ENGAGE, move forward into the community, and get things DONE.

This conference is about connecting people . . . Raising Issues and Opportunities in the Local Community . . . and seeking solutions.

It comes with a full blown Trade Show. Vendor sponsors (Local Business Owners) pay for space in the room to display information about their business . . . and they have FULL ACCESS to all event sessions. We want these Local Business folks to ENGAGE with us REALTORS because we know the power of these connections will lead to stronger Community Development throughout Middle Tennessee.

How to get the most out of this Conference:

  • Reserve the ENTIRE day
  • Show up @ 8:30 and plan to stay til @ 5 – The first hour will shape the entire day
  • Commit yourself to Be Present throughout the day (minimize cell use – Take the day OFF!)
  • Focus on what has Heart and Meaning for you relating to the theme – Where’s your passion?
  • Tell the truth – Open your ears and mind to new ideas (without judgment
  • Let go . . . of expectations (other than to be surprised) – Anxiety, external pressures
  • Use this conference as your own personal retreat to put you on the “right path” for YOU to get the most out of 2013 regardless of what external factors come into play.

The Details:

  • We are providing a safe space and the appropriate structure to take care of all of the above.
  • We will provide food and drink throughout the day for snacking
  • You’ll be on your own for lunch – We’ll arrange for food to be available @ Lunch (A variety of “Food Trucks”)
  • Bring business cards and personal brochures so people can find you after the event
  • Invite ANYONE you think might benefit – Local business folks, friends, family, REALTORS


This conference is FREE for participants. We have coordinated all of the details with least cost in mind. After all of the bills are paid, ALL of the money remaining from our Business Sponsors will go to charity (Habitat for humanity, REALTRACS REALTOR Relief Fund, RPAC)


Vendor sponsors – Contact Barry Owen to learn more about sponsorship levels ($150,$500,$1,000, $1,500 levels available), reserve your spot in the trade show . . . Placement in the room is determined in order of payment received.

THIS will be THE place to be seen on November 3 – Will YOU be there?

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