Bringing it LOCAL while the Fed & Fannie and Freddie Continue their exasperating quest for solutions

For sure . . . they’re well intentioned!

At least that’s what I choose to believe (albeit with some occasional trepidation).

The politicians and National “Experts” are all trying to work their through this quagmire of economic uncertainty with new and (re)creative laws and bills and schemes . . . 

I took a stroll through the past couple of weeks of headlines and offer this sampling of findings as evidence of the HUGE efforts under way at the National Level . . . and I sometimes wonder how much of this activity centers around their desire to stay busy . . . Kind of a “Job Justification” thing . . . or a “Get elected” or “Stay in office” thing.

My inherent optimism urges me not to marginalize all of these efforts, and I can certainly attest to the probable truth that if the Fed had not exercised some level of intervention in ’08, there would have likely been a MUCH deeper recession/depression . . . with significantly higher unemployment and incidence of housing foreclosure . . . more PAIN.
So . . . I do believe they’ve helped ease the pain with many of these “Fixes” . . .
Yet, I feel compelled to “bring it real” with the acknowledgement that these are not as much “fixes” as they are “Band-aids” . . . the wound is still there . . . and the body (economy) must (and will) heal itself.
Are “they” trying to “Fix” something they’re not “qualified” or powerful enough to fix?
What of the macro-economic cycle which most economic experts will say will follow its cycle regardless of the Feds mortal efforts?
If anything, all of these initiatives to save the economy have prolonged the inevitable appearance of INFLATION!
So . . . what do we do?
We “BRING IT LOCAL” . . . Wherever you are, turn 100% of your FOCUS on YOUR market. The REAL “Wounded body” in this scenario is the PEOPLE in our communities and Real Estate Realted professionals are the folks who can help them navigate their personal journeys through the jungle.
We REALTORS are often at the center because Home Ownership DOES matter.
So . . .
Let’s focus on KNOWING as much as there is to know about financing alternatives for our home Buyers and how these Fed programs will affect us here on the LOCAL level.
and . . . Let’s celebrate the rebirth of our Housing market here in Middle TN by doing everything in our power to facilitate MORE house sales every day.
You’re invited to “Bring it REAL” with a gaggle of other high-minded REALTORS in a Mastermind Session on Wednesday 3/7/12 @ 10 AM @ Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade
We’ll explore “issues and opportunities” around all of the above . . . and will then @ 11 be treated to lunch provided by Christina Livingston with Acopia Home Loans who has a FABULOUS FREE Lunch (Provided by TN Nations Title) & Learn planned for us:
Christina will answer all your questions on the recent changes on credit scoring and provide specific strategies to give you the edge.  Before you write your next offer or accept a listing agreement….
  • Do you know how Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Tax Auctions, and Bankruptcies REALLY  impact credit,  the purchase transaction and buying power?? 
  • Can you distinguish FACT from Fiction on credit myths or articulate how to dispute or rebuild credit?? 
  • Do you know what could kill a deal for a buyer even if they have perfect credit? 
  • Do you know the factors that could cut your buyer’s purchasing power by up to 28% or more than $130,000? 
  • Do you know the SIMPLE steps most people can take to EASILY raise their credit score up to 100 points in 30-180 days?

 If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you must attend this exclusive session and get the tools you need to stay ahead in this volatile market. This is your chance to protect your clients and your commissions!  

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you.
Christina Livingston
Senior Mortgage Banker
NMLS# 172005
Mortgage Licensee: TN,KY,NC,SC,GA,AL,LA,TX,MO,NM,CO,IN,AR







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