BEWARE – Dangerous Digital Conditions Ahead

Welcome to our raplex digital environment.

Every day, every one of us unknowingly offers unscrupulous operators myriad opportunities to take advantage of our digital security shortfalls.

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear of another “Hack” or “Leak” or “Security Breach” or “System Crash” . . . Just ask all of those politicians in hot digital water . . . and note the steady stream of news of hackers “stealing personal data” from large corporate databases (TARGET comes to mind) . . . and the pesky little “computer glitch” that forced Southwest Airlines to ground their entire fleet last Wednesday (No news yet on what caused this).

NO ONE is exempt or immune from these attacks.

We are ALL vulnerable because every one of us has consented to give MANY companies access to our personal digital worlds. We do this when we “agree to the terms and conditions” as we install a new app or register for on-line access to a website.

If they tell you their site is “secure” they are telling the truth as they know it, but you should know that “Digital Security” is a myth. There’s not a system out there that isn’t vulnerable to attack and ultimate breach.

Heck! Most of the attackers are the same people who designed the security programs anyway.

Below is a short list of ways we invite bad people to take advantage of our lack of personal and professional digital security. Even as we personally pledge to practice secure operations and use appropriate encryption, other folks in our thread of communication may not . . . Our security is only as strong as the weakest link.

  • Using the same password for multiple sites (I have in the neighborhood of 120 on-line “Log-in/Password”) If someone gets one of your passwords, how many sites will they be able to access?
  • Where/how do you keep up with all of your passwords? Is it secure?
  • Emailing sensitive information – Do you email PDFs of Birth Certificates, Personal Checks, Account details?
  • PIN numbers – Are they all the same? Do you shield your hand when punching them in at check-out in the grocery store?
  • How personal is the information you publish on Social Media sites . . . How publicly view-able is this information?
  • When you post pictures, do you pay attention to what the viewers might see in the background of the picture?
  • How careful are you about opening links in messages (even from people you know and trust)?
  • How do you respond to email from trusted sources (Seemingly from your bank or Utility supplier) requesting your personal information or password re-set?
  • In your business – how careful are you when sending and receiving legal and personal documents on behalf of your clients?
  • ┬áDo you ever give ANYONE else your log-in/Password for ANY site?

Like it or not, we are ALL directly responsible for any and all breaches in our digital security. It’s not the criminals’ fault they were able to take advantage of our carelessness.

Having said all of that, I fully realize that we are now in a world in which being completely “off-the-grid” is an impossibility for anyone choosing to be a participant in virtually ANY community on the planet . . . AND the only real certainty is that we ALL will make mistakes that will lead to unfortunate circumstances (stolen Identity, loss of money, loss of time/productivity) . . .

So . . . My question of you . . .

Are you thinking of these things?

Are you doing anything about it?

Who will you blame when your number comes up and YOU get taken by the hackers?

I’m hosting a Mastermind Session around these ideas August 17, 2016 from 11-1


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