Before it’s too late . . .

Tardiness creates missed opportunities!

If we don’t show up on time (or early), it might be over before we get there.

“The early bird gets the worm” poignantly hammers this point home.

When we’re late, we’re subject to a series of:

If onlys




When it comes to people and things that really matter, “there’s always tomorrow” gives way to a dangerous procrastination . . . one which often leads to regret.

We hear this from Home Buyers who miss the chance to make an offer on the house they love because they wanted to “sleep on it” before doing so rather than adding a contingency.

We hear this from friends & Family during wakes and funerals. So often we’ll lament unresolved issues or unfinished conversations or just quality time together simply due to busyness . . . and everyone resolves with:

“Life’s too short not to live fully in every moment and cherish every relationship.”

Mother’s Day and Father’s day are 2 days when these feelings surface for many. These 2 days are for celebration and thanks to our parents for (at a minimum) keeping us alive when we were at our worst in our teens, teaching us right from wrong, and loving us unconditionally no matter how disrespectful we were.

For those whose parents are no longer with us, these days are days of reminiscing the good and not so good times  . . . sadness and missing them . . . and some level of regret for unresolved issues.

For sure . . . All deaths of loved ones are “untimely” . . . we’re NEVER “ready.”

So . . . Especially with all people who matter in your life, don’t be tardy.

This new habit of being prompt might also improve other facets of our lives and open doors of opportunity you might never have imagined.



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