Be kind (To Yourself)


Once in while, we all drop a ball (or 2).

Sometimes we forget to return a call (or 2).

Maybe we get “too busy” and miss an appointment (or 2).

Perhaps we make a few promises and fail to deliver a time (or 2).

When’s the last time you set a goal (or 2) and didn’t reach it?

How bout those times when we’re cruising along and suddenly have that gut-wrenching, blinding flash of the obvious truth that we’ve COMPLETELY over-committed and can’t POSSIBLY get it done on time (or at all)?

Things are going along exactly as planned, and one of the essential tools BREAKS?

The Internet goes down . . .

The cell phone battery dies or loses signal . . .


Don’t beat yourself up (or anyone else)!

Stand UP!

Brush yourself off!


Decide to start anew!

IGBOK (It’s gonna be OK)


Consider this!

How can you avoid such foibles in the future?

I’ve an idea . . . engage an accountability partner on whom you can rely to keep YOU on track and REAL.

Of course, this works better if the accountability goes both ways.

When you commit to things that MATTER, let her know what when where.

If you’re not sure if “it” matters, I’m betting she’ll have an opinion and may be instrumental in saving disgrace by reminding you of your true goal (and the truth that this particular “it” doesn’t help . . . that “it” is a distraction and very probably will cause some dropped balls on things that MATTER).

Be kind to yourself first by doing whatever it takes to keep you on the track of being FOCUSED on the things that MATTER most to YOU . . . even if “Keeping on track” means succumbing to some leaning on someone else once in a while.

I swear . . .

This works magically well!


Published by Barry Owen

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