As we wait for the right time . . . Monday Morning Coffee

Greetings from Barry!

For several years, I published a “Monday Morning Coffee” each and every Monday . . . and then it ceased.

Why did it cease?

I’m not sure I know the answer, but I am sure that it was a good thing that perished because of the “Opportunity Cost” of taking the time to write it every Monday Morning.

Well . . . It’s BACK!

In mid December 2018, I was putting the finishing touches on my goals for 2019 when it occurred to me that this Monday Morning Coffee was useful during the many years I dutifully published it.

So . . . I added it to the list of things to re-ignite in 2019 . . . and it took me the whole month of January to write the first (this) “episode.”

Why now?

There are a collage of reasons, the most poignant for me being that this weekly publication was more than just another collage of bits in cyberspace . . . It became a veritable “being” of its own.

Every week I published, I heard from many of my friends and family who found my message of that day to resonate with something going on in their lives.

Y’see . . . Monday Morning Coffee was a dialogue . . . Never intended to further my career . . . Not about Real Estate or business and ALL about each and every one of to live our lives to the fullest possible.

Let’s just call it a place for my “musings” and personal discoveries as I notice and witness how things (and people) “work”


Seth Godin is my favorite blogger, and his post this morning SCREAMED at me:

What’s the Opportunity cost of me continuing NOT to write this weekly post?

“Immeasurable!” rang loud and clear in my head.

Not to do this is inauthentic . . . So here it is – The resurrection of Monday Morning Coffee.

Opportunity costs just went up

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