Are you willing to . . .

Plant seeds for trees under which you’ll not enjoy their shade?

Let’s get real!

What are your goals (If you have any defined)?

Do you have a retirement plan?

Are you a “Vision Board” person . . . Have you a board always visible at home or in your office that is a constant reminder of your goals and dreams?

If so . . . What’s the reality of that board?

There are plenty of gurus who will tell you that if you can dream it, you can have it.

How’s that been working for you thus far?

I’m not nay-saying visualizing dreams and goals because I’m a believer.

My challenge to you is this: “Are your Dreams and Goals SMART?”






2018 has already – It’s now 1/22/2018 – been a year of discovery for me.

For a few years now, my vision board has had the same STUFF on it (Nice cars, boats, houses, exotic travel destinations, and margaritas on the beach)

A recent eye-opening retreat opened my eyes to the real truth that what I want is NONE of those things.

What I want is to love and be loved . . . and to do whatever I can do to make every day better than the one before for me AND for as many people as I can touch.

Does this sound like a cliche “Miss America Pageant Contestant”?

No one will remember us for the things we have while alive . . . Everyone who remembers us after we’re gone will remember us because of the difference we will have made in their lives.

This morning, I took everything off my Vision board with the exception of one picture of a house which is the perfect design for one of the 2 BHAGs (BIG, HARRY, AUDACIOUS GOALS) I have . . . A very special retreat Center.

The other BHAG is a larger project that will be nothing short of magical as a place where people from all over the world will gather to self-organize around real, relevant issues and opportunities and create relationships and solutions.

All of this will be right here in Nashville TN.

Meanwhile . . . My work with building Pareto Realty day-in and day-out continues.  As Pareto Realty grows stronger, these 2 BHAGs come closer to reality.

NONE of this about wanting more stuff or living a lavish lifestyle . . . It’s ALL about one day leaving the world a better place than it would have been without me.

My invitation to you:

If you are a goal setter, I invite you to spend the next few days considering those goals in a deeper way than ever before.

If you’re not a goal setter, I invite you to spend the next few days considering why you are here now?

What difference will we each make while here on planet earth?

I know you are already doing this work 🙂

I think the world needs us to “up our games” relative to all of the above.

Love and be loved . . . more!

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