Are you still listening?

Pandora Radio asked me:

“Are you still listening?”

We pay for each song we play, so we try not to play to an empty room”
Don’t we ALL “pay for each song we play?”
Whether it be the telling of a story, a simple conversation, a performance, a job we’re doing, a blog we’re writing . . .
Each of us is playing our songs . . . and all of us wonder from time to time . . .

Who’s listening?
We pour our heart and soul and talent and energy and time into our songs.
Our songs project who we are out into the world.
Every so often, it’s behooves us to check in to see who’s still listening because we DO “pay for each song” with our commitment of time, energy, money, attention . . .
I googled “Pandora’s Box” and didn’t get what I thought I would.
Most folks familiar with the phrase “Opening Pandora’s Box” know it as opening something which cannot then be closed – and releasing stuff that then cannot be shoved back into the box . . . The part my selective learning omitted is that Pandora’s Box:
“contained all the evils of the world. Today, to open Pandora’s box means to create evil that cannot be undone.”

This is the stuff of the adventuresome – the pioneers, rebels, Mavericks, Innovators  . . . Challengers of the status quo . . . Always mucking up the smooth flow of things with their “evil” meddlings. (I think of “Indiana Jones” and “Jack Sparrow”)
That word “evil” sends shivers up most folks spines because it is instantly aligned with “BAD” . . . and I wondered about “Pandora’s Box” and it’s association with “Evil” (and why “Pandora Radio” would pick said name in this “dark” light?
Evil is usually seen as the dualistic opposite of good.”
The answer lies in the notion of Guilty Pleasures . . . “Evil” in the sense that “it” doesn’t conform with “normal.”
Speaking of GUILTY PLEASURES (Fabulous Local Nashville Band)
It’s the “Dead Moose” under the table or “the Elephant in the Room” that EVERYONE knows is there, but no-one is willing to deal with it.
Giving rise to the Law of 2 Feet – The sole “Law” in Open Space Technology
If at any time, you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value, then it is YOUR responsibility (and no-one else’s) to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where CAN contribute and/or receive something of value.
All of these philosophical musings seem to circle back to the same conclusion about how things get DONE . . .
Adventurers ask who’s listening and open Pandora boxes accordingly.
and are expert Law of 2 feeters
Just sayin’

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