Are you running towards or away?

Are you running away from danger or towards safety?

Are you avoiding the wrong people or seeking the right people?

If you’re running away from a hungry tiger, you’ve only gotta be faster than your slowest companion.

This is a very important choice.

Do you choose to be fear driven or do you drive forward fueled by pure passion?

It is true that what you focus on expands.

Donald Trump proves this point daily. He resolutely forges forward toward his goal of being the next President of the United States of America. Many people don’t like his message or his ethics or his presentation, but nobody can deny his ability to capture the FOCUS of the media at all the right times . . . a focus that EXPANDS exponentially through the digital world.

The Anti-Trump campaign is much more prominent than any other competitive entity . . . driven by FEAR . . . and Trump continues to build momentum . . . while the other candidates scramble to keep up with the only real strategy of banding together to slow Trump down.

This is nonsensical because we know that what we focus on EXPANDS!

So . . . If everyone hates Donald Trump so much, why does he continue to win?

IMHO a life of moving with passion is much more rewarding than running from fear.

Just some random thoughts written with the news of the primary elections humming in the background.

food for thought . . .

How might this apply to you in your everyday living?

Published by Barry Owen

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