Are you in character while at work?

If you’ve ever been to a Disney Theme Park, you might know that that every employee is a “Cast Member” with a very specific role. Everything is choreographed to the nth degree. This is just one of the many characteristics that helps create the “magic” that all guests experience. (If you’re interested in knowing 20 more magic makers, Click HERE!).

There’s no tolerance whatsoever to any deviation from even the smallest detail. Cast members don’t get to have a bad day. When they step into the “show”, their identity becomes that of their character.

This level of consistency is a proven winner. The most successful organizations and the star performers “get” this at a very high level, and they are unflappable/indefatigable in their resolve to stick with what they know works.

What can we learn from this with respect to our own work?

What are your “work standards” in terms of dress, speach, behavior,, and interpersonal communication?

This past week, I had 2 wildly different customer service experiences.

My blog post about the 1st one is here: The Manager at Panera was working too hard

This was a classic case of a person at work and NOT in character.

The 2nd one was Thursday at Ford Lincoln of Franklin.

I wrote about this in a Google Review:

“Kudos to Andrew in the Quick Lane 6/27/19 and his partner. I bought my F150 @ 3 years ago from Y’all and have had all of the service (Oil changes – Scheduled Maintenance etc) done through the quick lane. I always come early in the morning and bring my lap-top computer and work during the hour (or so) it takes. I am the owner of a Residential Sales Firm in Nashville and know what great customer service looks and feels like. So . . . While I am there, I am observing your customer service folks in action. Truthfully, I’ve seen some pretty bad examples at Ford Lincoln of Franklin in the past – One time, the 2 reps nearly got in a physical fight resulting in one of them walking off the job. Regardless, I have always had confidence in the level of care your Mechanics provide for my truck. On this visit, Andrew’s attentiveness to every customer was exceptional. He was calm and engaging and doing all the things I coach my affiliate REALTORS to do . . . Find commonality using FORD (Family – Occupation – Recreation – Dreams). I don’t know if you (Ford of Franklin) trained Andrew to do this or if it just comes naturally for him, but he literally made “friends” with every customer while I was there beginning with his first words to me “Margaritaville – I’ll treat you right” with a smile (I was wearing a Jimmy Buffett shirt). You’ve got a model Service Rep with Andrew. I hope y’all appreciate him.”

Our Customers deserve and expect all of us in the service industry to be “in character” (Think Disney) every minute we are “on the clock” . . . even when we’re having a bad day 🙂

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