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My friend Joe Calloway (“performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better,” Business Author and Speaker) wrote a post a couple of days ago that continues to swirl in my head.

Check it out here:

A dangerous assumption you may be making.

The wisdom Joe imparts is multidimensional, but I take away the importance of maintaining focus on the stuff that MATTERS most.

Without question, I believe that every single person on this planet has the capacity to succeed at a very high level in the “right” field of work and with the proper amount of FOCUS and intensity.

Yet so few people succeed at high levels.

  • Some get great starts, then fizzle . . .
  • Others struggle and struggle and struggle . . .
  • Then there are those who are models of mediocrity with moments of inspired performance – As if by Divine Intervention

Joe stresses the simple importance of delivering the FUNDAMENTALS flawlessly . . . ALWAYS! 

When I run my perception of other people’s businesses through this lens, I can almost always IMMEDIATELY see the fly in the ointment.

It boils down to a loss of focus on the fundamentals . . . either because of some perceived need to diversify . . . or to differentiate from competitors . . .

Personality, lofty promises, and lavish bells and whistles are not much more than eye candy for the customer who simply wants to be served as promised.


Any time my performance wanes, I pause and ponder the question: “What is it that I did to bring me here?” What are the fundamental components of my business that are the foundation of my success to date?

Invariably, this mental exercise reveals myriad distractive elements I have conjured up or allowed into the mix . . . Nip those in the bud and return to the basics . . . and VOILA!

Sweet Success!

We ALL do this because it’s fun.

The key is to be able to recognize these “Out of focus seizures” before they do damage.

I think there’s no better time of the year to ponder stuff like this than December . . . Get right with who you are, who you aim to serve, at what level . . . and proceed with renewed focus and vigor into the new year.

That’s where MY focus is these days, and I’m already seeing significant results from nothing more than focusing on the fundamentals.

Thanks for the nudge Joe . . .

OK now . . . Who’s in the mood to move?

I and the Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty are poised and ready to serve Home Buyers and Sellers throughout Middle Tennessee and NOW is the PERFECT time to get the process started.



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