Apprentice – Intern – Mentee . . . Priceless relationships

In business, many folks wonder if there really IS such a thing as “Win-Win”

After all, “Business” always has some level of competitive undertone even if not ostensible. There’s just one pie, and we’re all in business to get our “Fair Share” . . .

Having said that, how is it a “Win-Win” for a seasoned Professional to take a newbie under her wing as an Apprentice – Intern – Mentee?

Of course, we see the benefit for the newbie who gets to shadow and learn and do under the tutelage of a proven expert. This provides no guarantee of long term success for the newbie, but it does offer a “leg up” for spooling up to grab his fair share of the pie.

Meanwhile, the Seasoned Vet “gets” all kinds of great benefits:

  • Satisfaction of helping said newbie succeed
  • Built-in accountability that goes with modeling “Best Practices” . . . The Vet’s gotta be “on her game” as long as the newbie’s watching 🙂
  • LEVERAGE Newbie provides with willingness to handle some of the detail work (admin, Installing signs, Computer work, Taking incoming calls, Working Buyers)
  • New IDEAS that percolate to the surface in the casual conversations
  • New SKILLS learned – Newbie might know a LOT more about Social Networking and/or web optimization
  • New KNOWLEDGE acquired as Newbies tend to attend more Training (CE) and bring it back to the office

I believe these relationships are PRICELESS!

I also am at peace with the notion that one day Newbie might “leave the nest” and become a formidable force in the marketplace (Even as one of my competitors) . . . The higher newbie flies, the higher my satisfaction/pride.

So . . . I am forever seeking these relationships with motivated newbies . . .

It’s ALL Win-Win!

Just sayin’



What other ways can you imagine these relationships are WIN-WIN?


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