“With gratitude”

“Thank you”


“Just sayin'”


“With Love”


“Be Well”

”             ” (If you don’t sign off with anything, is the message still “open” and incomplete?)

When you send a note or a letter or an email, how does it typically end?

Have you put much thought into your “signing off”?

What does it say about you (if anything)?

What does it communicate?

Will it make a difference?

Same goes for the opening:

“Dear Susie” has a formal flavor . . .

“Susie” . . . Very directt – might put Susie on guard

“Hey Susie” . . . Informal in a fun way

“Hi Susie” . . . Conversational and inviting

“My Dearest”



and the list could go on.

This may seem trivial at first glance, but I think it’s worth considering.

How you open and close communication with others sets the tone for the relationship and in many respects “frames in” the issues at hand.

Whether you consciously think about this or not, you likely change your openings and closing with different people and different situations.

In this age of rapid, abundant, and short communications, there IS still some room for “social graces”.

Just sayin’



PS: Adding your “Personal Mission Statement” as a footnote is nice touch also . . . Not just a “sales pitch” (asking for referrals) but something that says something about who YOU are as a person.

This message brought to you in an effort to encourage kinder and gentler communication . . . lest we allow raplexity to turn us all into primal barbarians 🙂



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