Anxiety Antidote

Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair . . .

It gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.

We all have plenty of reasons to worry.

Most of these reasons center around the unknown.

We set our own expectations as to how things “should” go based on our understanding of whatever process we are navigating and the information to which we are privy.

If we don’t understand the process, we worry!

If we understand the process, and things don’t seem to be happening in alignment with that process, we worry!

If everything seems to flowing as it should, but there’s sketchy or minimal communication between all of the parties responsible/involved, we worry!

When things go awry, and even the “EXPERT” doesn’t seem certain of the probability of success, we worry!

All of the above is relevant to all of our worries whether they be about personal relationships, health concerns, Business Transactions, travel plans, child raising, buying something very expensive (a house or car) . . .

We worry because of that which we do not know leaving us in that unsettling lurch of being out of control . . . and Like it or not, we ALL have a vibrant “control freak” residing in our subconscious just itching to come out to play to fuel a healthy dose of WORRY!

Research experts work every day to discover antidotes for any and all maladies which cause worry.

In the world of navigating a transaction of Buying or Selling a house, there are myriad opportunities for EVERYONE to worry, and it is the job of the Professionals (REALTOR, Mortgage Lender, Title Attorney, Home Inspector, etc) to do the research necessary to design an antidote that minimizes the amount of worry the client experiences.

Of course, there are folks who simply MUST worry because it’s in their DNA . . . and my experience is that the right professionals have what it takes to salve many, if not all, of their worries enough to keep them moving forward towards the closing without a cardiac event.

The Quintessential Professional allays the clients’ worries in this way:

  • Assurance – “I’ve seen this scenario before and know what to do.” igbok
  • Truth – “I haven’t encountered this before, and I know someone who probably has, so I’ll connect with her and we’ll work through it.”
  • Integrity – “Let’s not worry about whose fault this is. Let’s keep our focus on making it to the finish line.”
  • Bearing – the professional stays cool and professional under fire.
  • Diligence – “Touch” every client and every deal every day, and make one small step towards the goal.
  • Accuracy – Execute ALL documents with fanatic attention to detail (ALL signatures/Dates) – this assures the client that no balls are being dropped.
  • Anticipation and Strategy – The Professional is always informing the client what’s next . . . and talking strategy about how it will play out.
  • Persistence – The client must know that “giving up” is NOT an option. When things go weird, we will turn over EVERY stone to conjure up a solution that’ll correct our course to closing.

Communication is the key – Steady, rational, empathic, instructive, confident, consistent communication.

Be like a duck – Calm and unruffled above the surface and paddling earnestly below.

Don’t worry!

Be Happy!




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