An effective customer repellant

I just ran into an amazingly effective “New Customer Repellant” and feel compelled to share.

Don’t let this be you!

I clicked through to a “Bio” for a “Professional’ I was considering hiring for some marketing work and found the following quote:

“I am not interested in pursuing (This Marketing) as a full time career. I have many clients with my other job and cannot handle much more work. But am willing to take on Marketing projects as needs arise for the right client.”

This came on the heels of a telephone call with a “Professional Banker” who I had called to find a good banking relationship for a wealthy client of mine. The Banker said: (Paraphrased)

“Just so ya know (My) Bank has no interest whatsoever in talking to anyone who is not interested in doing more than one transaction with us. Sure! I’ll talk with him, but if he’s a “one-hitter” I really don’t want to waste everyone’s time.”


Both those folks (and their companies) earned instant deletion from my database of “GoTo people”.

The “Marketer” is marketing himself as a “dabbler” who is only available for occasional freelance work . . . I believe most clients of a marketer would want that person to SPECIALIZE and exhibit 100% commitment to getting the job done.

Is he going to market my business in the same way he markets his own?


The Banker? How the heck would a person (Wealthy or not) KNOW if she wants to do more than one piece of business with a banker whose up-front “pitch” is so abrasive and exclusionary?

How short sighted is that?

Be careful what you put out there . . . People are LISTENING.

Most folks aren’t looking for “dabblers” and “hackers” . . . ESPECIALLY in this competitive environment of specialists.

just sayin’



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