Amping up for a STRONG finish . . .

In about an hour, I’ll be facilitating my weekly “Friday Morning Mastermind” session and am now in my weekly ritual of thinking through how to create that space to serve all participants well 🙂

This week, I put out a promise that some folks would consider to be bogus (undoable) . . .

I did it in the form of a Facebook message that reads:

“Today is gonna be a GREAT day! @ 10 AM @ Pinnacle Bank Green Hills – We’re having a little Mastermind to get on track to make the last 60 days of 2011 better and more productive than the first 305 combined. Join us if you want to know how we’re going to do it (Please let me know if you’re coming by message or text to            615.568.2123      )”

My critics out there might take issue with the fact that I laid such a lofty goal to achieve in less than 2 hours . . . and have waited til the last minute to prepare. My response to this comes from my 12 year old daughter who (out of the blue) said:

‎”It’s OK to do it at the last minute as long as your work doesn’t LOOK like it was done @ last minute”

and it occurred to me that as long as your commitment is to EXCELLENCE, you will always deliver your best work . . . regardless of when you start 🙂

the pundits would then argue about the need to be properly prepared . . . PRACTICE . . . create an agenda so as to stay on topic . . . MAKE A PLAN and STICK TO IT!

and I remember my Father saying:

“Nothing ever of real significance happened according to plan”

If you are committed to excellence and following what has heart and meaning for you, every minute of every day IS “practice.”

I DO have a plan to make the last 60 days of 2011 POWERFULLY PRODUCTIVE!

It pretty much boils down to 80/20 . . .

Knowing the difference between what(who) REALLY MATTER(S) (The 20% Vital few) and what (who) is “distraction”

This is about working VERY efficiently – Smart – Not Hard

It’s about being more “selfish” with your time and energy. Be very discriminating about your choices in the next 60 days . . . If it doesn’t support your goals/purpose, don’t do it.

We’re just “dialing in” on doing the right things to perform at a VERY HIGH LEVEL for the next 60 days – for car enthusiasts, it’s akin to turning on the nitrous supercharger.

None of this precludes my always fundamental premise of “LIVE – WORK – PLAY”

I believe we all need to do all of these at a very high level for the next 60 days . . . Live in your 20% – Work in your 20% – and play in your 20%” . . . save all that 80% stuff for another time.

To do this, we must become selfish with our:

  • TIME – Each day, Week, Month needs to FLOW – Smart use of the calendar and Blocking time for optimal performance when optimal performance is needed
  • Energy – Pay attention only to what matters
  • People – Tough call . . . but it’s time to spend your time and energy with those who matter MOST in your life for the next 60 days 🙂

Shift to 80% of time and energy to “IN” the business Work

20% of the time “ON” the business.

Find a few “co-conspirators” for learning and accountability

Lead with a theme – Invite – FourFold Way – Open Space

This is why . . .

Parties YES! – Attend & Throw

Take action – 100 Peeps – Prior Clients – ONLY people you KNOW – could call in a minute for anything

Buy roll of stamps today

Another mailer Dec 1

Another Dec 15

There’s not time to waste on ANYTHING that Doesn’t matter.

On Jan 1, it’s your choice to continue . . . or go back to the same ole

Just sayin’



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