All you’re doing is building a pyramid . . .

Have you ever wondered:

How were the Egyptian Pyramids Built?

The first of them is theorized to have been built nearly 5,000 years ago.

Yep! These Pharaohs were able to put together “a committee composed of an overseer of construction, a chief engineer an architect,” and “between 20,000 and 30,000 laborers” to tackle these 30 year construction projects with minimal tools (Virtually ZERO mechanical Leverage) . . . and they did this independent of each other for a period of @ 1.000 years.

HUMAN labor, ropes and hand-crafted copper tools mined, shaped, and moved into place these 2+ TON blocks of limestone from the River to the build site.

They used what they had (and their imaginations) and probably improved their processes and increased their speed of construction with each iteration.

The amazing thing to anyone who has seen and studied these structures is that they were built at all . . . so amazing that many people have the belief that the pyramids were actually built by aliens.

I’m going to stick to the theory that these pyramids were built (mostly) by relatively free citizens of the kingdom who were compensated with Shelter, Food, relief from Taxes . . . These were happy and productive people who completely understood their mission and duty to Pharaoh and Kingdom.

This post is not about the pyramids . . .

It’s about the power of PEOPLE . . .

When the vision and mission are clear such that the people understand and “buy in” at whatever level necessary to accomplish the goal, there is virtually NOTHING we humans cannot do.

Remember this when you think something can’t be done.

  • First ask yourself WHO you know who can help you with the coordination (Architects, Engineers, Construction Coordinators).
  • Who do you know who is a true LEADER?
  • This small “committee” of people aren’t the doers . . . they are your leverage . . . and THEY will build your team.
  • Remember “Haste makes Waste” – ESPECIALLY on the first run . . . don’t rush things. Be clear, as concise as possible, and patient as the path unfolds.
  • Begin with whatever tools are available and adapt them over time to their best purpose/repurpose, design, use for your project.

Finally . . . Know WHY!

Matters not to me how “impossible” you might think your dream.

I believe that if you dream it, you can achieve it.

You GO . . . Pharaoh!

Happy trails!

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