All of my clients are investors

Indeed, I could make a great argument that ALL Real Property buyers are investors.

Whether it be House(s), Condo Unit(s), Multi-unit Property(ies), Raw land, Commercial Property . . .

All of these purchases are “Investments.”



noun  in·vest·ment  \ in-ˈves(t)-mənt \
the outlay of money usually for income or profit capital outlay; also the sum invested or the property purchased
Of course, Real Property buyers have myriad reasons for making these investments . . . They’re ostensibly making their purchases for some form of habitation whether it be for a business(es) or for Residential Housing or for development.
Regardless of the reason, I feel confident that none of these folks are purchasing with the intent to lose money.
So . . . I am intrigued by the number of inquiries we receive from people who lead with the proclamation: “I’m an investor!” as if it elevates them above all the other prospects.
Perhaps, there’s an inference to the possibility that a self-proclaimed “Investor” might be in the market to purchase multiple properties and therefore “deserve” more attention than the others.
A hungry sales person might just “take the bait” with few questions asked and go “all-in” to serve this promising new prospect.
The savvy real estate sales professionals are likely more cautious because they know the value of serving a niche which they have cultivated for years. They know that these “investors” can become quite a distraction and often are not willing to commit to an exclusive agency arrangement . . . or worse . . . some aren’t “Real Investors” at all.
My point?
Treat all prospects equally regardless of whatever proselytizing comes from some.
Ask lots of questions before committing to any appointment to verify that adding this prospect to your “pipeline” has potential to be an “investment decision” in terms of your time, energy, and money.
Stay true to your niche, and don’t let commission breath distract you.
and remember . . . ALL of your clients are, by definition, . . . INVESTORS!
A moment of silence for our fallen citizens in the 2001 9/11 attack please . . .

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