Advice to those who hate their jobs . . .


Yep! If you hate your job, the best thing you can do for yourself (and the people you are “serving”) is to go AWAY.

Odds are decent, your absence will improve the ambiance of your current place of employment.

You might say: “But I can’t find a job doing something that I like to do . . .”

To which I might respond: “As long as you stay in that miserable “job hating” environment, you will most definitely fail to find a more useful (for you and others) place to work.

Job haters:

  • bark at their customers
  • Seldom smile
  • Dread going to work
  • Count every minute til quittin’ time
  • Whine and complain (even within earshot of customers)
  • Capitalize on “Positional Power” by over-enforcing rules/policies
  • Taking pleasure in making people wait while you “take a break”
  • Finger point when things go awry (Rather than fixing the problem and/or taking responsibility)
  • and the list goes on . . .

One more thought . . .

If you’re an employer of a “job hater,” I guarantee you KNOW that employee is unhappy . . .

WHY do you keep that person around?

Is it because you need the help?

You DO know that you’re killing your own business, don’t you?

Drop that ballast, and your business will soar.

and to that disgruntled employee: “Drop that ballast (job) and the happier you will be.”

I promise!

(life’s too short . . . )

Published by Barry Owen

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