A Professionalism Litmus Test

As I journey along in my practice as Real Estate Sales Professional, I learn more from my colleagues in our day-to-day interactions and negotiations than any other resource.

For sure, every human is a valuable RESOURCE in his/her chosen field of expertise.

This is not just about Learned Knowledge because I know that most humans have the capacity to learn darn near anything with proper motivation and focus. For years, I’ve been of the opinion that Doctors and Auto Mechanics are both “Mechanical Technicians” . . . The primary difference being that Doctors specialize in fixing the human body and Mechanics fix cars. They both educate themselves continuously and strive to be the quintessential resource for all things in their field of expertise.

The same applies to Real Estate Sales Professionals, Mortgage Lenders, Attorneys, Painters, Contractors . . . etc etc etc etc.

So . . . Being a quintessential resource is (IMHO) a Knowledge thing – Something we can learn from books and classrooms and the internet.

How is being a Quintessential PROFESSIONAL different?

I believe all professionals are good resources for information relative to their field of expertise, but all EXPERTS are not necessarily quintessential professionals.

Professionalism is more about authenticity and integrity . . . and genuine CARING

Some tell-tale traits that come to mind for me are:

  • Always Intentionally Doing the right thing
  • Communicating appropriately
  • Compassion
  • Listening
  • Generosity
  • Patience
  • Steadfast Loyalty (Fiduciary Commitment)
  • Respect
  • Commitment to the specialty (Specialist)
  • Humility

I don’t think you get this stuff from books and traditional learning.

Quintessential Professionals are products of their experiences and environments throughout their lives from childhood to now.

These traits show up by osmosis (you’re not born with them).

So . . . How can the average “expert” establish herself as a true professional?

  • Apprentice with a Mentor.
  • Learn from other Professionals who are leading by example in your field – Observe and emulate/practice the things they do which you espouse to be desirable traits.
  • When you decide to BE one of these “Quintessential Professionals,” the first step requires your personal commitment to all of the above (and more) with “Zero-Tolerance Standard of Excellence”
  • and then . . . Just do it . . . BE a Professional.

Oh Yeah!

Final thought . . . Meet regularly with colleagues you respect for no other reason than talk about “issues of the day” and offer each other a “sounding board” or shoulder to lean on.

YOU can do this . . . I KNOW you can!


PS: This post was inspired by a friend and colleague with whom I have just had the pleasure of negotiating a real estate Transaction. Marty Warren exhibited ALL of the above traits naturally, and I especially appreciate his effective communication and expressions of gratitude/respect for all parties. He is (in my book) a quintessential Professional.

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