A Peek Inside the Mind of a Blogger

I write a blog post (almost) every day.


I tell most people: “It’s good therapy!”

How do you decide what to write?

Every waking moment, we all cruise along through life doing our best with all the myriad things happening around us. We’re trying to get the most out of every moment and relationship and striving for fulfillment. I write about things that pop up in front of me as I experience life. When something happens from which I think other people can learn, I blog about it.

How do you find TIME to do this?

I’m addicted! Any day I fail to write a blog post is a sad day in my world. Blogging MATTERS to me, so I carve time out of my frenetic schedule to do it (usually not more than 30 minutes). This is a Social, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual “exercise” . . . a daily ritual which I feel is important enough to me to make a priority every day.

Do you get more business because of your blogging?

Getting more business is not my reason for blogging, but it IS a “By-Product” of blogging. Blogging is a way of being a “Published Expert” in my field. Sometimes, a new client will me that after reading my blog they feel like they already know me . . . because they can see how I think. Blogging can create credibility and trust.

Who is your favorite Blogger?

Seth Godin – who blogs EVERY day and has done so for several years (over 5,000 posts). He has taught me SO much about blogging . . . just by example – Keep it short with a singular message. Acknowledge the readers. Blog what’s on your mind TODAY.

What advice would you give to a person wanting to start blogging?

READ other people’s blogs and find your own “way” . . . pick a place to do it (I use WordPress and ActiveRain) . . . and start writing . . . EVERY DAY until you get into your own groove.

Don’t worry about what you write.

It doesn’t (EVER) have to be PERFECT!

The main thing is to WRITE and PUBLISH something EVERY day.

With every new blog post you write, you will learn more about yourself . . . and others will learn about you . . . and it will lead to new relationships, new Business Opportunities . . . and fewer trips to Psychologist.

It’s good therapy!

Let me know how it goes!




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