A PAIN in the neck!

When’s the last time you popped something in your neck that resulted in IMMEDIATE pain and the sinking realization that it was going to result in days of painful recovery?

The frightening part about it is that we can seldom identify the cause. It usually doesn’t happen because of some definable reason or action we did . . . It just HAPPENED!

and it HURTS!

Of course, it only really hurts when you turn your head, right?

So . . . try to go through a couple of days without turning your head.

This happened to me this morning and thus I am typing with VERY good posture in fear of inadvertently turning my head . . . God forbid that something surprise me somewhere to the left of my field of vision.

At lunch, there was an obnoxiously loud “Valley-Girl” talking lady who was sitting to my left . . . I could hear her throughout my less peaceful lunch and was conjuring up my own image of what she would look like (because I couldn’t turn my head to look) . . . I was wrong . . . She didn’t look anything like I had imagined.

Backing the car into a parking space in the garage was perhaps the most painful event of the day.

This pain in the neck is nothing short of crippling, and it got me thinking (because I already do too much of that) about how fortunate we are to have the mobility we have.

We are all blessed!

What about in your work and daily life?

What analogous pains in the neck do you allow to cripple your effectiveness as you journey through your day?

Technology that works against your productivity is a pain . . . but for some odd reason you don’t replace it (I guess) because that would represent CHANGE.

The general disarray of papers on your desk are a pain especially when you need to find THAT one, yet you continue to let them pile up because it’s more fun to create paper piles than to pause long enough to file the.

I know that the only to heal my neck is to give it a rest so it can heal.

Just as I know that most other pains can heal if I give them the time and space to do so.

What’s YOUR biggest pain in the neck today?



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