A Difference between setting Goals and what it Takes to Achieve them

How many years have you set VERY clear goals at the beginning of the year only to have the same year as before . . . over and over and over?

Kinda jades your opinion of Goal Setting after a few years, doesn’t it?

Defines “Insanity” – Doing the same things every year with the same people expecting different results.

There’s a simple fix, and it’s NOT to stop setting goals.

After all, we DO need something clear to keep us driving ourselves FORWARD.

How can you move FORWARD if you don’t know where you are going and WHEN you want to get there?

So . . . SET GOALS!

Make them SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE (So you’ll know if what you’re doing is working).

Create a VISION . . .

Put yourself THERE NOW . . .

FOCUS on being THERE . . .

Resolutely set your INTENTIONS to get yourself there.

OK! Now you’ve got to DO something about it.

All the time management gurus have similar, but different ideas as to how to move towards goals (and not fall back into the same routines).

Time Block

Develop Routine and rituals

Hang out with different people.

“What you FOCUS on, Expands!”

All of that is true. Do all of that, and you’ll be better off than you were . . .

Will it absolutely get you to your goals?

Not so much.

The real key is in what you DO to support your intentions.

Larry Kendall (Ninja Selling Program) talks about attending to “Activities and People – NOT Money and Production.”

Keep all of those goals and intentions out there and focus daily more on the things (activities you do) and the People (Who you spend your time with) such that they LEVERAGE you better.

Do this, and the Money and Production will show up.

Word is: “2012 marks the end of the world as we know it”

This will absolutely be true for all people who “get” the principles and subtle nuance between setting goals and actually achieving them.


Just sayin’




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