That’s a pretty cool date – 9/10/11.

The news is all abuzz with some remembrance and emotional reminiscing about the horrid 9/11 attack ten years ago . . . and threats of terrorist attacks on US soil tomorrow.

I vividly remember the morning of 9/11/01 like it was yesterday. Deb was due to go into the hospital that evening to be induced to give birth to our daughter Allison . . . Deb’s Mother was on a plane from Denver to Nashville by way of Texas.

The attack happened and all hospitals immediately cancelled “Elective Medical Procedures”, so Allison’s arrival was delayed until 9/17 . . . Deb’s Mother made it to Texas . . . and was stuck there for several days.

By the time, the 17th rolled around, we all knew of the scope of the attacks and the loss of life . . . and Deb knew that Allison’s middle name should be “Grace” because she was perfect in every way . . . God’s gift to us and the world at a time when so much pain and confusion was in the air.

Allison is our “nurturer” . . . always the first to lend a hand . . . or give a hug when needed . . . or offer consolation to a friend with hurt feelings. Every time I see Allison in her magnificence, I think of the good she brings to the world and the contrast from the tumultuous times at the time of her birth until now.

Life is good!

I found another interesting quote in Bill Bryson’s book “*A short History of Nearly Everything” speaking about the catastrophic “KT Event (A meteor hit the Earth and wiped out almost ALL of life):

“But on the whole, it is true, most of the survivors were small and furtive. Indeed with the world dark and hostile, it was the perfect time to be small, warm-blooded, nocturnal, flexible in diet, and cautious by nature-”

Moving personal and business forward in these times of Raplexity ain’t easy . . .

You DO have choices . . .

Stick your head in the sand and wait for better weather . . .

Put your dreams on the shelf for another day . . .


Commit to MOVING FORWARD every day!

Be one of those survivors of the KT – small, warm, flexible, cautious . . .

and don’t forget Grace!

Just sayin’



PS . . . My wish for the USA is that the next 36 hours be peaceful and uneventful.

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