8 Unique Scores – the Mark of a Great Team

Success leaves clues.

In the game of soccer, the score at the end of the game seldom reflects what REALLY happened on the field.

Many games end with very few (if any) points on the board even though one team may have played astronomically better than the other.

A term often spoken is simply: “Unlucky!

A team may successfully keep the play in the opponent’s end of the field with MULTIPLE opportunities and attempts to score, yet “Unlucky!” happens every time. Of course, a good defense on the other team’s part contributes to this “Unlucky!” . . . or a great goalie . . . or maybe just a bad day for the strikers.

Sometimes, the teams are so evenly matched that the play is a veritable ping-pong match with the players masterfully working the ball from one end to the other . . . back and forth and back and forth . . . with no scoring.

and then there are the BLOWOUTS.

These are the ones that end up with a 5 or more point spread and generally happen because the winning team is either much more prepared (skilled) . . . or because the winning team gains an early mental advantage.

Early success in the game of soccer (and the game of life) goes a LONG way towards a smoother goal achievement . . . and can come about with a single, mind-numbing corner kick, header GOAL.

Some teams have good, talented players . . . and 1 or 2 SUPERSTARS who have the potential to pick apart any defense with their brilliant maneuvers. These superstars (once they have the mental advantage) can literally dance their way to multiple goals seemingly single-handedly . . . While all players on both teams serve little more observable function than as spectators.

This is great when it works, but when one (or both) of the Superstars are taken out of the game (with double or triple teaming) or accidental injury, the jig is up . . . no depth.

These wins are bittersweet for most of the players on the winning team.

How ’bout the game that ends with a 9-0 WIN . . . with 8 Unique Scores (8 different players score).

THIS defines a team with balance and DEPTH.

This winning team has the ability to “play keep-away” with the ball from the opposing team and then “feeds the ball” to a specific player to score.

This team tends to play a slower and more deliberate game.

This team understands the importance of “Creating space” on the field by spreading the field out with good passing and ball control.

The underlying theme is one of being “On Purpose” . . . INTENTIONAL about every touch of the ball and every person’s placement on the field.

This is how we find flow in our lives.

On purpose living helps us create the space we need to do great things.

oh yes . . . and surrounding ourselves with DEPTH (A great TEAM).

Does this shoe fit?




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