Go-Givers Unite – (Manage your Texting addiction)

Seth Godin opened a can of worms this morning that I believe merits being open . . . That is . . . For anyone interested in find a healthy Life Rhythm . . . and having a life full of rich and fulfilling relationships.

His message is as simple as the title Texting While Working and is definitely worth reading – I won’t rehash his message, because he covers it well.

What I will do is acknowledge a byte or two about how frequently synchronous events and information show up when we keep ourselves on a deliberate and sustained learning path.

For me . . . an essential component of this learning path is READING BOOKS. When I’m on my game, I read a book every week. Sometimes these books are ones that I have read before . . . Others are books that I hear about . . . ALWAYS, I am amazed at how the books I read enhance my human experience by the synchronicity of the message in the book to what’s happening “on the ground” in my life.

the “Right” books just seem to show up at the right times . . . and I learn 🙂

My friend Gavin Gossett gave me a book as a Christmas gift this year Go-Givers Sell More, and I misplaced the book for nearly a month. I found it a couple of days ago just as I was finishing reading Seth Godin’s “Unleashing the IdeaVirus” and cued it up to read.

Circling back to Seth’s blog post . . . Texting while (doing ANYTHING that matters) is an effectiveness destroyer. Go-Givers GIVE more . . . and GET more . . . and the more distractions you allow 365/24/7 the less able you will be to GIVE.

That’s just a fact of life.

SO . . .

Texting while Driving

Texting while working

Texting while reading

Texting while attending a class/seminar

Texting while visiting with friends or family

Texting in church

Texting in a movie

Texting while grocery shopping or checking out

and so on and so on and so on . . .

Sure! It’s “Keeping you Connected” to the folks you are texting . . . but how is it serving your ability to GIVE?

Your undivided attention to the people in front of you . . . Your full attention to your clients . . . your enjoyment of the movie . . . your focus and effectiveness with virtually even the simplest of tasks.

Just as I sometimes have to remind my daughter who is in the room but not really (because she’s face-planted in her smart phone) . . . “The world is passing you by . . . you’re missing out on some great opportunities to meet new people, see new things . . . and LEARN!”

In the Spirit of being a “Go-Giver” . . .

One thing I know that I can do for others is share with them which books have made the most significant impact in my life, so I decided that one sure-fire way I can give is to make this list readily available . . . so  . . . I launched The Pareto Realty – Learning Center for The Vital Few where folks can browse these titles . . . and buy them (Amazon.com).

When my head is not in the game and I allow the distractions to interfere with my learning (and stop reading books), my life seems to “flat-line” . . . Low(er) energy . . . Less exciting . . . dull . . . boring . . . What’s missing is Synchronicity.

Hop on this learning train with me.

We are also offering FREE “Lunch & Learn events” at local Nashville Restaurants nearly EVERY week . . . no strings attached . . . FREE Learning and FREE Lunch.

Additionally, we are coordinating a series of FREE Local “Consortiums” with the purpose of gathering folks to learn from each other . . . and FREE “Life Rhythm Workshops” each quarter . . .

All you’ve gotta do is show up . . . and stop texting while . . .

I’m just sayin’



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  1. Hi Barry, nice article, and thank you for kindly referring to John David Mann’s and my book. I hope you enjoy it. And, thank you for the heads-up regarding Seth’s post. Somehow I missed that one (I must have been texting) 😉 and will read it and benefit from it now. Again, thank you!!

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