2 great BIG ROCKS

How focused are you?

Are you focused on the right things – The things that REALLY matter?

Do you occasionally stop what you’re doing and ask yourself: “What am I DOING with my life?”

Feeling fulfilled?

I’m tricking you into “mid-life crisis” . . .

Tongue in cheek aside, I’m prepping myself for a morning workshop I’m conducting this Wednesday November 12 from 9-12 to help the attendees gain clarity on their goals for 2015.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and you want to attend, the details are here Your 2015 LAUNCH.

I find that most people avoid participating in Goal Setting exercises because they’ve done them before and have not had good success keeping themselves on track to accomplish the goals they set.

I believe this “mission failure” has 2 primary causes:

  1. The Goals they set are not realistic 
  2. The goals are too complex/multifaceted

So . . . THIS year, let’s be more realistic and pragmatic and see how far it gets us.

Wednesday morning, I will ask those who show up:

“Consider ALL of your dreams and aspirations for the coming year and beyond and name 2 (Yes ONLY 2) REALLY BIG BODACIOUS GOALS that if you were to accomplish them in 2015 your quality of life would improve significantly better than 2014.”

Do this for each of your Life Roles:

  • Self
  • Family
  • Friend
  • Work
  • Financial
  • Community

I’ll then introduce a “System” to stay on track towards Mission Success that includes a rhythm of Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Planning and calendaring rituals.

The icing on the cake will be establishing a STRONG “Support System” for accountability . . . which will include a regular and intentional meeting with a person who will DEMAND focus and performance throughout the year.

For those folks who identify their 2 REALLY BIG ROCKS and commit themselves to a strong accountability relationship, life will be WAY “Better (in 2015) than Before” and that new-found rhythm can continue into and through 2016 . . . 2017 . . . 2025 . . . 2050 . . .

I can’t WAIT to witness the manifestation of your greatness.

Connect with me if you’re unable to attend the Workshop and are interested in learning more.

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  1. Barry you may laugh but I think about you every time I go to “the parent teacher store”. They have so many attractive ways of. Keeping organized as you have taught us all. You are the best :). 🙂

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