113 Evander An East Nashville Treasure – Lockeland Springs under $300k

Here at Pareto Realty, we pride ourselves in our specialties.

We understand that ¬†individually attempting to serve ALL Home Buyers and Sellers throughout Middle TN is akin to being a “Jack of all trades and Master of NONE.” We develop Real Estate Sales Professionals as SPECIALISTS in their own unique NICHEs such that they provide impeccable service just as a duck takes to water.

It just makes sense. In today’s world of High Tech, virtually everyone has access to ANY and ALL data/information about – well – EVERYTHING right from their hand-held brains . . . but where are the people who really KNOW through experience?

Being a generalist is EASY . . . Succeeding as a generalist is a whole different matter.

Specialists are more important and valuable than (IMHO) ever. In our eyes, a Real Estate Specialist is a REALTOR who KNOWS and LIVES IN the community he/she serves. This person is interwoven into the fabric of the community and has REAL on-the-ground experience . . . Knows the Schools, churches, best places to shop or grab coffee or beer or the best burger . . . or find a great “in-the round” of local musicians.

There’s plenty of all of that in East Nashville, and much of it is happening within walkable distance of most houses in Lockeland Springs.

These are VERY cool houses mostly built in the early 1900’s – Victorians, Four-squares, Sears Craftsmans . . . Multiple, classic original, coal burning fireplaces with ornate hearths and mantles.

the difficult truth is that even thought the global economy is sagging . . . values of houses in East Nashville (ESPECIALLY Lockeland Springs) have stayed stable and even climbed a bit. It can be a challenge to find a great, livable house for less than $300,000.

East Side Specialist¬†Fran Patton recently listed 113 Evander for sale, and I couldn’t resist featuring this on our blog. First because Fran KNOWS, Lives in, and LOVES East Nashville. If you are curious about that side of Nashville, Give Fran a call @ 615-513-0003!

This house is truly a remarkable house with SO many features intact. Very livable on a wonderful street. I’ll let the pictures (and Fran) do the rest of the selling




113 Evander – Lockeland Springs



Classic front porch

Sidewalk view in front of home. Terrific walking neighborhood.

Back porch deck.

Another bedroom


Music room, or simply a great room for whatever suits you!

Dining room

Second bathroom

View into living room

Dining room fireplace

The historic Lockeland Springs fire station is within sight of 113 Evander.

View of the water fountain from the back door.


Lovely view of street from dining room

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