We rang 2015 out last night!

Today is the first day of 2016, and the world didn’t end at 12:00 AM.

So . . . Here we go anew!

Social media (Facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc) is replete with “Happy New Year” greetings, a litany of prompts to name the best and the worst of 2015, and an overabundance of advice in the “Goals and Resolutions” category.

I could add my own flavor of encouraging folks to set SMART goals and create a new lifestyle that leads to fulfillment of said goals, but I think there’s enough out there to befuddle even the most astute amongst us.

Instead, I’m going to stay with the theme of encouraging folks simply to work on being a better version of themselves in 2016.

Quit worrying so much about living the life you think other people people think you should be living.

Quit following other people’s passions and investing all of your personal power in other people’s dreams.

In 2016, why not begin the 2016 adventure by pausing the game long enough to get know yourself well enough to begin creating your OWN human experience for a change?

This won’t require any fancy new CRMs or goal setting worksheets or motivational seminars . . . All you’ve gotta do is “Go on retreat” from the grind for long enough . . .

I once met a man at an Open Space Technology ┬áconference, and we were talking about why we were there. He told me that every 3 years he seemed to have this need to “Re-create himself,” and THIS was the 3rd year, and he thought this conference would set him on a course for that.

I was fascinated, and that chance encounter turned into a 2 hour conversation (we missed the opening of the meeting, but this was WAY more important). In the end, we concluded that what we were calling “recreating” was not really recreating . . . It was more about “returning to self” . . . to our authentic person.

I look back on the 53+ years of my life and can see this same 3-5 year rhythm.

Why this?

We decided that the Universe and society is always conspiring to tempt/lure us away from self and into conformance . . . mediocrity . . . and “just like everyone else,” but we are NOT “everyone else,” and what we crave most is to be a exceptional version of our authentic selves.

Is this a “Keeping up with the Joneses” cycle?

Maybe it’s a byproduct of all of the NOISE (Marketing, busyness, Proliferation of news) . . . complexity!

or as my Father once said: “Raplexity is the root distractive problem!” The world is so damned RAPID/COMPLEX none of us have time to observe, think, and respond as we are caught in such a reactive existence.

So . . . Could the best New Year Resolution be along the lines of “”Rebooting” – “Hitting the re-set Button” – and returning to self?

This ain’t for the faint of heart, because everyone around has trained you to conform to their way, and you’re about to rock their boat.

You have 2 choices:

  • Slip back into “Plain Vanilla Conformity” and make 2016 a repeat of 2015
  • Or
  • Schedule some real quality time with yourself and make 2016 the year for reclaiming yourself.


Whichever your choice, I am SO excited for you in 2016 and can’t wait to see you soar.

Happy New Year!

Published by Barry Owen

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