Quality Relationships

My facebook Friend Tim Davis┬áhad a clever Status update yesterday: “The best QR code I have discovered is quality relationships” That quote hit home as we feverishly strategize the most efficient way to “populate” our new Pareto Realty Website. We have LOTS of content to add. The structure of the site is in place (The […]

Like a duck to water

You know what “Plug and Play” is SUPPOSED to mean, right? In theory when an add-on feature is “plug and play,” you can simply plug it in and it will magically work – PERFECTLY – EVERY time. those of us who have ever bought such peripherals for our computers know all too well that this […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Reliability and Simplicity

Good morning! Here we are in the electronic age . . . It’s easy to find ourselves feeling out of control as everything continues to swirl at a faster and faster pace. Most Businesses seem to be having a tough time keeping up while at the same time serving their customers at a level that […]