What Would you pay for a ticket to nowhere?

When you travel, odds are good that you buy a ticket to a specific destination for a reason. You probably also have an “Itinerary” which defines a time-line for your travels. At said destination, there are people to see and things to do . . . It’s all very exciting. With ticket in-hand, you arrive […]

It’s what you do with the “Tween Space” that creates your success

Seth Godin leads a recent blog post with: “Sometimes, we’re so eager to have an opinion that we skip the step of working to understand.“ The title of the post? The hard work of understanding He does a good job of ‘splainin’ just how bad some of us are at effectively communicating. 20 years ago, […]

What’s Left to the Imagination?

Preparing a house for the market is an art form. The delicate balance is finding that look and feel of beauty and usefulness of the space all the while leaving enough to the imagination of the prospective Buyer that intrigue and excitement ensue. If there’s too much “DONE,” the Buyer may have difficulty visioning the […]

All you’re doing is building a pyramid . . .

Have you ever wondered: How were the Egyptian Pyramids Built? The first of them is theorized to have been built nearly 5,000 years ago. Yep! These¬†Pharaohs were able to put together “a committee composed of an overseer of construction, a chief engineer an architect,” and “between 20,000 and 30,000 laborers” to tackle these 30 year […]


Yesterday, I asked: When? Christina Hood¬†(Keller Williams Realty Redlands, CA) asked: WHY? Good question! When setting goals, the first gut response I have is: Because it MATTERS! Why do we set goals? Because everyone else is doing it? (It’s cool) Because we believe that goals lead to reality? What we focus on expands? Because we […]