Meetup Magic

As I remember, Twitter initially served primarily as a “Gathering Tool” for people to “Meetup.” It created spontaneous parties populated by tweeps who were watching each other’s tweets and assembling at a variety of tweetups. There were super tweeps who would buzz from one tweetup to the next to the next . . . They […]

Are you who you say you are on facebook?

Social Media is not much more than an electronic cocktail party. People go there to engage other people. We meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, tell fish stories, share pictures . . . and occasionally make an ass out of ourselves. There are some simple “rules of engagement” that (IMHO) should apply: Don’t talk […]

Social Media Truth Serum

Think before you tweet! Twitter provided me the “opportunity” to say more with fewer words. This was a particularly difficult chore for me . . . yet extremely valuable in more ways than one. Sure! I had to improve my “word-craft” to get what I really wanted to say into 140 characters. For me, the […]

Effective Communication

How we communicate often differentiates the smooth deals from the nightmares. In this world of high technology, it’s not uncommon to complete an entire real estate transaction without ever getting face-to-face with the other agent. I like it better when I have more familiarity than their picture on my smart phone, don’t you? What are […]

Addicted to Social Media?

Who do you know who you are quite certain is addicted to Social Media? Are You? Let’s be honest . . . Do you communicate with Friends, family, work associates more through Facebook than any other means? Are you taking pictures of most meals? “checking in” everywhere you go? Texting while driving? Do you speak […]