Where to find the right education to LAUNCH your business?

In February of 1993, I “separated” from the US Army and began my Real Estate Sales Career. As with most new agents, I knew very little about sales and even less about real estate. I wanted to ramp my business up to high level as quickly as possible, and money was tight (sound familiar?), so […]

These days it’s ALL about “What Matters”

“What MATTERS” = “Your 20%” = “Your Vital Few” All the rest is the “Trivial Many.” This first time heard anyone use the words “What Matters” was @ 4 years ago. I was watching Gary Keller¬†giving a talk about his “Quantum Leap” (Life Balance) program. He very matter-of-factly said (not an exact quote): “It ALL […]

Call 10 People who MATTER – Meet 2 People who MATTER – EVERY DAY – You’ll Achieve Your Goals

Everyone wants to know the secret to success in sales! Of course, there are many ways to skin this cat: Knock on 50-100 doors 5 days a week in your geographic “Farm” Designate 3 hours every day to “Cold Call” – Some do this first thing in the morning – Some in the evenings Advertise […]

Constructive Busyness

It’s not very difficult to be busy. Most of us humans wake up each morning and do our routine of getting ready for a BUSY day. There are a couple of ways we can be busy. We might busy ourselves by doing the following: Meditate and/or Pray Read Plan and Calendar Eat Exercise Love, Laugh, […]

Starting NOW!

I’ll bet a million bucks that YOU know EXACTLY what you should be doing to achieve a high level of success . . . and you are either partially executing or not executing at all. Why? Why do people who KNOW what it takes because they know who and what brung’m to the top . […]