The UPside – The DOWNside – and How they MATTER when deciding to Buy and/or sell a House.

Everyone knows that if the goal is financially motivated, the answer is: Buy LOW and Sell HIGH! This is an “UPside Strategy.” The Buyer looks at every property from a non-emotional perspective and considers things like: How long will she own this property? How will this property appreciate between now and that exit date? What […]

Timing the NEW Market

This is a VERY important concept to “Get” . . . and I see it happening in our local market as investors are starting to run out of “steals” in many areas . . . There’s plenty of development that could be happening, but I think a lot of the investors are still jumpy (or […]

It’s time for you Home Sellers to expose yourselves

Yep! This market is begging you to bare it to the public. If before, you were bashful and fearful of how the market would respond to your house, now you can put it on the market and sing from the hilltops. Let the REALTORS be the Pied Pipers bringing ready, willing, and able Home Buyers […]

Playing the Housing market

There are some uncanny similarities between the actions and tactics of people playing the stock market and Some Home Buyers and Sellers. These folks think about buying a house a LONG time before deciding to take action . . . mostly because they come into the process with preconceived ideas as to values and getting […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Pendulum is swinging

That pendulum is ALWAYS swinging. swings one way, and the sun is shining . . . all is well! swings back the other direction . . . cloudy weather. In the real estate market, that pendulum took a WIDE swing for a relatively long period of stormy weather for Home Sellers . . . During […]