One sure-fire way to fail in Real Estate Sales is . . .

Lack of FOCUS! Many folks can likely stop reading this post after seeing those 3 words (Lack of FOCUS). They’ll nod their heads and cringe as they acknowledge they’re “Guilty as charged.” Others will practice resolute denial and might even say out loud: “Oh! THIS one doesn’t apply to ME!” Here’s a brief test: Group […]

Solving the “E to P” enigma to create HUGE Success!

“They” say it can’t be done! Taming a true Entrepreneur is an impossibility. Michael Gerber tackled this issue head on with his E Myth Books, and myriad coaches, trainers, consultants, and business gurus have been noodling on it for as long as these free Spirited and completely irresponsible geniuses have been innovating . . . […]

Call 10 People who MATTER – Meet 2 People who MATTER – EVERY DAY – You’ll Achieve Your Goals

Everyone wants to know the secret to success in sales! Of course, there are many ways to skin this cat: Knock on 50-100 doors 5 days a week in your geographic “Farm” Designate 3 hours every day to “Cold Call” – Some do this first thing in the morning – Some in the evenings Advertise […]

Before you commit to that new project, just THINK!

This idea could be worth a MILLION BUCKS! How often do you think of a GREAT, NEW business idea that you KNOW will be a REAL WINNER in your market? You see this gaping hole in the market and can vividly see a “fix” . . . NO ONE else understands how to fix it, […]

Who defines your success?

I hope your answer to that question is . . . Yourself! Yep! YOU define your own success because YOU are the one who has complete control over your expectations . . . and from where I stand . . . if you set a goal and achieve it you will have met with success. […]