Eating an Elephant . . .

Regardless of your religious/Spiritual beliefs, there’s a message here worthy of your attention (IMHO) There’s a little bit of everything here . . . even alluding to one of my favorites: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time . . . It’s that first message that I think we need to […]

Why mastery of the fundamentals is so essential

Today, our Basketball Coach (Famous Marmolejo) had a work related conflict and couldn’t be present for our 1st game. He asked me if I could coach the game. My first thought was sheer panic because I really had not paid close attention to his plays and strategies during the practices and had a high level […]

The Plan

Seldom does anything of real significance happen according to the plan. Plans are created in a cocoon – a vacuum . . . a sealed environment in which ideas can flow rich with possibilities and statistical probabilities. Plans often have alternatives – contingencies and “what ifs” . . . in an earnest effort to plug […]

The thrill of the Negotiation

It seems some folks came out of the womb negotiating. Debbie and I have 2 daughters and a son, and we are certain that all 3 will succeed at VERY high levels because of their innate ability to negotiate. Perhaps a part of the reason is that they all have heard us negotiating in our […]

Game Changer – ONE person with LASER FOCUS

Found on a post-it note (Mysteriously appearing in my pocket) this morning: “How can life change from perfect to awkward in 3 seconds?” I don’t know for sure, but I think the note was written by Perfect Daughter Jessica who had a “Perfect to Awkward” moment in last night’s basketball game. Jessica single-handedly changed the […]