What’s your time worth?

If you were to charge by the hour for your services, how much would you charge? Let’s put this into perspective. If your income goal is $75,000 Gross per year . . . and you work an average of 40 hours/week 48 weeks (A generous 4 weeks “off”) – that’s 1,920 Hours in a year […]

Monday Morning Coffee (Tuesday Morning Edition) – Scare Yourself in October

Welcome to October! We are officially in our final quarter of 2013. Many folks will report that business has been GOOD this year. Even so, there’s still a fair amount trepidation when considering the future. News of a “Government Shut-down” swirls around the media world, and we all wonder how that might affect us, our […]

What REALLY Matters to your Prospects?

Our prospects have access to more information than EVER. Most of What Mattered to them 20 years ago relative to their expectations from a Real Estate Sales Professional (Or pretty much ANY service industry), comes “for FREE” these days with a few clicks of their mouse or taps on their pad . . . INFORMATION! […]

Working with a LOCAL Specialist is more important NOW than EVER!

“Back in the day” (5ish years ago) . . . As we were enjoying more than a dozen years of nothing but great Real Estate Sales and Economic growth, we accumulated enough data (precedent) to give “non-specialized” real estate sales professionals the tools they needed to operate effectively in virtually ANY area. Yep! As long […]

Real Estate 101

BUY! Talk to any savvy Real Estate Investor, and you’ll hear that the REAL money is in the BUY part . . . The more BUYing you do, the more money you’ll make in the long run. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION – WHERE you BUY matters. Get the good dirt FIRST, because “they’re not making more […]