The Next MAJOR Internet Paradigm Shift?

It’s a byte eat byte world out there on the World Wide web IDX Provider blocked by MLS because data was compromised Target security breach exposes MILLIONS of people to identity theft Crye-Leike turns off Zillow and Trulia feeds in Memphis Zillow, Trulia, and REALTOR.COM call EVERY REALTOR daily to sell zip codes Agents sick […]

Monday Morning Coffee – It’s Good To Hear Your Voice!

Email, Facebook, twitter, text and other social media are great conduits for information. Sometimes, we can have meaningful conversations with our fingers poking the screen of our smartphones, but they’re less fulfilling than “the real thing.” We can be playful and flirtatious . . . Tell stories and jokes. In fact, some folks can go […]

On Ways Social Media Can Be Socially Suicidal – BONUS – 2 Top 10 Lists

There are not many people in the “civilized world” who are not engaged/participating in some form of social media. Facebook alone boasts over a HALF BILLION users (Yes! 500,000,000+) – and there’s Twitter and Snapchat and instagram and facetime and linkedin and and and . . . A friend on Facebook shared this link: Facebook […]

Meetup Magic

As I remember, Twitter initially served primarily as a “Gathering Tool” for people to “Meetup.” It created spontaneous parties populated by tweeps who were watching each other’s tweets and assembling at a variety of tweetups. There were super tweeps who would buzz from one tweetup to the next to the next . . . They […]

Connecting the dots

Business shows up in the most mysterious ways sometimes, yet it doesn’t happen accidentally. As we all meander along in life, we strive to do the best with the cards we are dealt. Some people seem to be a lot luckier than others, though! Why? If you really want to know, follow one of those […]