SSSS – Super Secret Success Strategy

Anyone can do this . . . Most won’t! Actively seek new Customers/Clients every day With all the passion you can muster each and EVERY day, set out to turn on as many peoples’ Reticular Activators such that, when they think of real estate (or whatever discipline in which you specialize), they think FIRST of […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Whenever it starts is the right time

Good morning! Easter is this Sunday and our world here in Middle Tennessee is in FULL Spring. As I was driving to the office this morning, I marveled at the amount of POLLEN in the air, on the roads, and even coloring the rain drops . . . EVERYTHING has a green hue. Other than […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Keeping you out of Hot Water

“Proximity is not a stand in for expertise.” Seth Godin wrote the above in a pithy, brilliant blog post entitled┬áNever eat sushi at the airport. This reminded me of the “Reticular Activating System” (RAS) that’s pre-programmed in all of our brains. “Reticular activating system senses the things around us and sorts them out. There are […]

Monday Morning Coffee – What do we ACTUALLY Know?

ummm . . . yep! It’s Wednesday already, and I’m just now getting “Monday Morning Coffee” off the presses. I promise it’s not because I’ve been sitting on the couch this week eating bon-bons and watching TV. First thing Monday morning, I hit the ground running with the Nike Tag line firmly etched in my […]

Transform yourself in 2014

Seth Godin got my attention in a blog post he wrote a few days ago. He opened with: “If I could suggest just one thing you could do that would transform how 2014 goes for you, it would be this:” Pick three There’s something about 2014 that I think has “Exceptional Potential” . . . […]