Keeping it clean!

A few days ago, Deb asked me to grab a broom and take down all of the spider webs around the house (mostly outside on the deck). I had noticed that there were more spider webs this year than other years and figured it was just a “Nature thing.” Deb went on to say that […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Quirks

Good Monday to ya! It seems we’re into the Summer weather pattern of roving afternoon Thunderstorms . . . and the occasional rogue cloud (Like yesterday morning @ 6 AM). The weatherman can always be “Right” here in Middle Tennessee because the weather is always predictably unpredictable . . . but indubitably there will be […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Finding FLOW after the Holidays

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you’ve had a fabulous celebration and have 2011 out of your current reality and are bursting into 2012 with enthusiasm and gusto. Today, many people are still on Holiday, although my suspicion is that most folks are ready to find some “normalcy” and routine after a month of revelry and […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Learning routine and Self-Discipline!

I begin with the disclaimer (given) that you have some level of interest in becoming more efficient with your resources (Time, Energy, Money, relationships, etc). I know that I am always focused on finding better ways to be more effective with less effort. Why? Because someone is ALWAYS moving the cheese. Just when we think […]