Want more Referrals? Try less “I” and more “YOU!”

As I drove up my street this morning, a squirrel carrying a very large nut crossed my path. I commented to my daughter that the squirrels are all very busy gathering nuts these days in preparation for the winter . . . and it occurred to me that there’s another reason Squirrels gather nuts in […]

Mailbox Money

I think pretty much EVERYONE would like a regular flow of Mailbox Money. What is Mailbox Money? It’s money that shows up in your mailbox (or bank account) due to little (if any) effort expended my you. Generally speaking, there must be SOMETHING done to initiate the flow of this money, but once it begins […]

Giving Referrals 101

Some folks “aren’t wired” to offer referrals of friends, family, work associates, and¬†acquaintances¬†to businesses and professionals. I know a few of these people and have asked them why the reluctance? They don’t want the “risk” of the referral they make not going well thereby making them look bad They don’t want to “meddle” in the […]

Connecting the dots

Business shows up in the most mysterious ways sometimes, yet it doesn’t happen accidentally. As we all meander along in life, we strive to do the best with the cards we are dealt. Some people seem to be a lot luckier than others, though! Why? If you really want to know, follow one of those […]

Judging Books by their Covers

We had Lunch in a very busy (Touristy) restaurant here in Nashville this past weekend and had a lot of fun with our server. We liked her. The first words out of her mouth were: “Hi! Where ya from?” We said: “Here – Nashville” but perhaps we should say we are from somewhere else. Debbie, […]