I Felt Facilitated

Today was the day for REBarCamp Nashville, a “technology Conference” organized each year by famed REALTOR Brian Copeland with Village real Estate Services. Thanks to Brian and his many connections throughout the country, the Nashville REBarCamp is considered to be one of the (if not THE) best in the country because of the wealth of […]

ONE Implementable Idea

Today was the day for the world’s BEST REBarCamp in Nashville. 750ish Top Notch REALTORS (From all over the country) were expected to show up at Rocketown throughout the day. My strategy for events like this is to accomplish 2 things: See the “Right People” Seize ONE Implementable Idea I always show up EARLY . . […]

When ideas come faster than ability/time to implement . . .

Imagining great new ways to do things . . . Fabulous techniques for getting MORE business . . . or increasing productivity such that you can do more with LESS effort and time How ’bout ideas that have GAME CHANGING POTENTIAL? The problem with ideas is not the fault of the ideas . . . […]