We rang 2015 out last night! Today is the first day of 2016, and the world didn’t end at 12:00 AM. So . . . Here we go anew! Social media (Facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc) is replete with “Happy New Year” greetings, a litany of prompts to name the best and the worst of 2015, […]

T minus 4 and Counting down

Are you thinking about doing something radically different in 2016? Here we are 4 days from the the New Year, and I’m putting the screws to noodling around my successes and failures in 2015 . . . and imagining how things might/can be different in 2016. What I’m learning about myself and my trajectory is […]

You’re so Vain . . .

You Probably Think this Song’s about you! Carly Simon’s song hit the nail on the head for SO many people. This is for all of those folks out there who are Heroes in their own minds. while I reference REALTORS in this post, it certainly applies to ALL people. If the shoe fits, wear it […]

The PERFECT gift!

Right about now, I’m betting you’re in inner turmoil because you haven’t found that perfect for someone you love. Of course, I think the PERFECT gift would be a new house here in Nashville (and I’m poised and ready to help you pull that off before Christmas morning), but that might not mesh with your […]

Choose HAPPY! – Monday Morning Coffee!

Don’t Worry! Be HAPPY! For many people this time of year, choosing HAPPY might be easier said than done! After all, we’re in a hyper fast, hyper connected world of GO GO GO, and if we’re not moving all the time, we’re weirdos. or are we? We choose to immerse ourselves in the maelstrom of […]