Transparency Requires Simplicity – Pareto Realty Gets It

In 1993, I chose to leave my position as a Combat Engineer Officer in the US Army to pursue a career as a Residential Real Estate Sales Professional. Between then and now (11/7/2013), I have been affiliated with 6 different firms ranging from small, family owned Firms to National Brands. ALL of these were (and […]

Tis the Season of Changes

There’s something that happens every year about this time. As Halloween approaches, I think it’s a wake-up call for many Real Estate Sales Professionals that the end of the year is near. This causes a series of thoughts . . . as they reflect on their year-to-date performance and begin to wonder about how the […]


Momentum builds as a result of the compilation of many single tasks . . . and thereby often creates the illusion (in the eyes of the casual observer) of sudden and awe-inspiring success. when’s the last time you saw a train sprint out of the station? “Overnight success” is almost always a myth. Success shows […]

Vilfredo Pareto and the 20/80 Principle

My first check of email this morning included a notification from Twitter that @italianre is now following me. Because the roots of Pareto Realty derive from early 1900’s Italy . . . and I have an interest in learning more about these roots . . . I followed them back and checked out their website […]

Never stop building and seeking.

 A friend is looking for a new job. He had a GREAT interview this past week that resulted in an intensive follow-up interview . . . ending with the HR guy telling him some verification needs to happen and “We’ll get back to you in about a week.” Friend was bouncing off the walls CERTAIN that this job is in […]