One sure-fire way to fail in Real Estate Sales is . . .

Lack of FOCUS! Many folks can likely stop reading this post after seeing those 3 words (Lack of FOCUS). They’ll nod their heads and cringe as they acknowledge they’re “Guilty as charged.” Others will practice resolute denial and might even say out loud: “Oh! THIS one doesn’t apply to ME!” Here’s a brief test: Group […]

Don’t be such a MEANIE!

WARNING! Some of the observations below are DISTURBING, GRAPHIC, and not appropriate for the faint of heart. Proceed with CAUTION! The GOOD NEWS is that they describe a VERY SMALL percentage of the Real Estate Sales Professionals. Let’s just call these heathens “The Toxic Few 2%” who (in alignment with the Pareto Principle – Twisted […]

How low are you willing go to get more LEADS?

Undeniably, the breakfast of Champions in Real Estate Sales is having a steady flow of new leads. LEADS are the GOLD! Without sufficient leads, we go HUNGRY! So . . . What are YOU willing to do to get more leads? As with everything, we all have choices . . . MANY choices . . […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Doing the Right Thing

“Keeping it Legal and Ethical” is only a start. In every professional discipline, there are Legal boundaries over which we must not cross lest we find ourselves in front of a judge or answering to fall-out from government “oversight organizations” such as the IRS, (in my field) The Tennessee Real Estate Commission, and Local, State, […]

HEY! That’s MY Client!

Oh! The low inventory housing market is creating a beast . . . This beast is not always recognizable at first glance – A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, (sadly) this beast looks, talks, and acts like most of us real estate sales professionals, but has a deep and dark ulterior motive . . . […]