When things don’t go as planned . . .

Remember this: “NOTHING of true significance has EVER happened according to plan.” Wouldn’t life be dull if everything you planned flowed perfectly? If this were to happen every time, we wouldn’t need Leaders . . . just efficient Planners. Out of chaos emerges order – eventually and always. This is the dance of life, and […]

The Plan

Seldom does anything of real significance happen according to the plan. Plans are created in a cocoon – a vacuum . . . a sealed environment in which ideas can flow rich with possibilities and statistical probabilities. Plans often have alternatives – contingencies and “what ifs” . . . in an earnest effort to plug […]

Monday Morning Coffee – TIME – and what Matters

Good Morning! Like it or not, we each have the same amount of TIME every day – 24 Hours . . . The same number of days each week – 7 . . . Why do some folks seem to get SO much more done with their 24/7 than others? What’s the secret? Yesterday, we […]