What Tiguan, Nike, and Pareto Realty have in Common

Tiguan I saw a Volkswagon Tiguan in traffic this morning and wondered what “Tiguan” meant, so I asked Daughter Jessica to Google it for me. Here’s what she found “The name Tiguan, pronounced TEE-gwan, is a portmanteau of the German words Tiger (“tiger”) and Leguan (“iguana”)[5]“ The tag line rounds out the meaning: “The people want to play, but they want to play nice.” I […]

Where to find the right education to LAUNCH your business?

In February of 1993, I “separated” from the US Army and began my Real Estate Sales Career. As with most new agents, I knew very little about sales and even less about real estate. I wanted to ramp my business up to high level as quickly as possible, and money was tight (sound familiar?), so […]

Constructive Busyness

It’s not very difficult to be busy. Most of us humans wake up each morning and do our routine of getting ready for a BUSY day. There are a couple of ways we can be busy. We might busy ourselves by doing the following: Meditate and/or Pray Read Plan and Calendar Eat Exercise Love, Laugh, […]

How to Make More Money With Less Stress

I think there are a LOT of people out there working themselves to death because that’s what they think the “Have To Do” to perform at a high level. Of course, most everyone has a differing definition of “High Performance” ranging from “Selling 1 widget per month” to “Selling 20 widgets per month” . . […]

When we Open Space for Self-organization to Flourish

It’s all Open Space! Forever stuck in my mind is my Father’s (Harrison Owen) comment something along the lines that “Everything is Self-Organizing . . . always has been and always will be!” I find this to be true! As I began imagining the launch of my new Real Estate Sales firm Pareto Realty in […]