This place is a MESS

Have you ever seen the kitchen of ANY restaurant after a busy lunch rush of business? Odds are good, it’ll be a MESS. Even though the mantra in most kitchens is “Clean as you go,” when things get wild, the chef’s focus turns to what matters most – Timely delivery of consistently good looking and […]

A PAIN in the neck!

When’s the last time you popped something in your neck that resulted in IMMEDIATE pain and the sinking realization that it was going to result in days of painful recovery? The frightening part about it is that we can seldom identify the cause. It usually doesn’t happen because of some definable reason or action we […]

A completely unstructured day

Normally, I’m the king of planning and organization. After all, most of the speaking and teaching I do centers around “Life Rhythm” and FOCUS on the things that MATTER. Doing this requires a fair amount of work on prioritization throughout the day . . . knowing that as the day progresses, more and more distractions […]