Screwing up a perfectly good plan

The Nashville “MTA” (Metro Transit Authority) bus system has undoubtedly put a LOT of thought into efficiency and timeliness of the buses as they pick up and deliver riders. Evidently, they also considered ways for these buses not to disrupt the natural flow of auto traffic by creating “Turn-outs” which allow the buses to enter […]

Organized enough to handle a high volume of business?

Believe it or not, one of most prohibitive barriers inhibiting the average person from being productive at a high level is ORGANIZATION (lack thereof). Most folks in sales have the ability, agility, capacity, skill set to generate more than “enough” leads to fill their business pipeline, but when it comes to the follow-up and servicing […]

Your Process Expertise is your best Leverage

Every job/profession has a “process” . . . The way things happen to deliver the service or product the customer/client expects. The smoother the process AND the more pleasing the outcome for the Customer = repeatĀ and referral business. If you want to be famous for ANYTHING, have the smoothest process of anyone in your line […]