Ask me anything – I know Everything

The first time I brought a friend to visit my Father, the first words out of Dad’s mouth were: “Ask me anything – I know EVERYTHING.” Everyone in the family rolled eyeballs and left the scene, so my friend could receive the full “treatment”. Of course, Dad was right . . . He’s always right! […]

The Worldwide Open Space On Open Space is Spooling up

AKA #WOSONOS2019 Full invitation and registration is HERE: October 25-27, 2019 Each year, the community of folks who “practice” the use of Open Space Technology (OST) in myriad ways in our life and work, gather to discuss issues and opportunities relating to this “ineffable” self-organizing process which has been pivotal for countless people and […]

My Calendar is mostly blue

This is an unapologetic plug for the power of “Time Blocking” Here’s my calendar for next week: For years, I resisted the siren call of the practice of Time Blocking. After all, I was pretty much born an entrepreneur which (by definition) translates to being “FREE” to do as I please and ever imagining new […]

The Right People Always Show up!

. . . but what if the wrong people show up? The title says: “The Right People ALWAYS Show Up!“ There’s a strong implication, then, that it’s not possible for the WRONG people to show up? WHOA! Let’s pause, regroup, and consider the mental chaos that might be happening in our reasonable minds. Let’s start […]

Turning pages . . .

Everything is moving . . . always! We’re not in a static world. It’s all fluid motion. When we expect to be surprised, we deal with change and transformation better. As much as we might struggle to keep things just as they are, we learn (over and over again) that we do NOT have control. […]